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William Lott
15:38 26 Jun 24
Had tears in my eyes eating 10s of thousands of Hot Dogs cooked by Justin here
MB Lufkin
11:56 20 May 24
We hosted a graduation event at the Grill on the Hill in May. The venue location is convenient. The sunset over the course was spectacular. The service was top-notch. Food was excellent. We worked with Bria on all the details for the event. She was responsive, friendly and fun! Definitely recommend the Grill on the Hill for your next event. The weather allowed us to move back and forth between the function room, porch and sand pit. A really fun experience for everyone!
C White
08:02 17 May 24
Average bar, but the view is fantastic.
Nick Tucker
22:45 25 Mar 24
Justin and his harem of young waitstaff did a marvelous job making us feel at home.
Rick Starbard
02:28 11 Oct 23
I recently had a baby shower there and everything was amazing. Our servers Melissa and Jamie were helpful in every way. We'll definitely return for any future functions.
Kendal Bergenholtz
02:27 11 Oct 23
We had a golf outing for a fundraising event. Bria was very accommodating with making sure we had hot dogs and burgers on the half turn point.
Blick Star
01:58 11 Oct 23
Amazing bartenders and amazing chef shout out to Bria who cooked the food amazing lunch I had.
Alex Lebron-
01:55 11 Oct 23
01:51 11 Oct 23
The best people to host any type of function needed the staff and everyone is very understanding and friendly very helpful. Also the whole set up was overall amazing. Would definitely recommend checking them out for your next event. Food was top of the line from a golf course you wouldn’t expect that but grill on the hill came through with the amazing food.
John Broom
01:34 11 Oct 23
I had a babyshower at the grill on the hill the food was absolutely amazing me and my family/friends had a great time. Food was amazing I would definitely recommend this place. The two servers Liv and Melissa were so nice they was the best the general manager Bria was super nice and knew what she was doing. Place was super clean the view was amazing I recommend this place 100 percent.
Keith Ricci
00:36 11 Oct 23
I got married at grill on the hill, and it was an amazing experience from start to finish. Bria, the general manager made sure everything went smoothly and made sure our event was everything we wanted and more. I was marrying the love of my life Grace, and grill on the hill made it an even more memorable night for the both of us. Definitely recommend!
Nicole Newton
00:34 11 Oct 23
Great experience at green hill golf course. I attended a baby shower and Bria was a great host and the staff were very friendly and catered to our needs. I will definitely be hosting an event there!
Julie Craven
00:24 11 Oct 23
Attended a bridal shower earlier in September and the staff was great and the food was great as well. The staff was professional especially Bria the manager. She was on top of everything and made sure everyone was fed and all guests were accommodated. I will be having my bridal shower there in April and very much looking forward to it. It was a great experience! I definitely recommend hosting an event there.
Sheila Bushe
19:41 01 Sep 23
We had a graduation party in the function room at Grill on the Hill. Beautiful space with both indoor and outdoor areas. The buffet was delicious and the service was amazing! Bria and her crew did a wonderful job. Highly recommend them!!
EduArdo Omondi (Neuro-Hydration)
14:00 20 Aug 23
Angela Sodano
23:41 06 Jun 23
Vince McAlpha
17:33 15 May 23
corbin stafford (AtomicZombieX)
13:47 15 May 23
Beautiful place, only small issues with the meal was that the steak tips on my moms salad were under cooked for ordering them medium, and the steak and cheese was kinda small with not a lot of filling. My other family members got the chicken bacon wrap and the burger. They both said they were delicious.
Toni Klein
18:44 07 Apr 23
Linda Menard
21:51 21 Jan 23
Had my daughter's baby shower few weeks ago loved everything from their staff, the room, food very pleased would recommend. Thank you
David In Maryland
18:55 19 Jan 23
I've had my fair share of golf course food over the years, but I've never had the pleasure of being treated with such quick and efficient service. The General Manager J-Rock recommended the steak tip with sweet potato fry. He then proceeded to regale me and my family with tales of yesteryear all in his Yoda voice. Then we spent the night in his car until my cousin Tim had to leave over a pinched nerve in his leg. 10/10 would definitely recommend!
Matthew Robertson
15:22 18 Jan 23
Absolutely delicious food, clean place, simple menu. Great snowcones. Will visit again! Bravo Justin!
03:01 18 Jan 23
I was a little hesitant at first because I thought it might be owned by Greg Hill, but it’s definitely not. Not a single angry drunk challenged me to a fight the whole time. This really helped me focus on the wonderfully simplified menu. Everything was delicious and the GM even came by the table to make sure everything was ok. I asked him how I could leave a review, he wasn’t sure about a website but I was able to find it pretty easily on google.
Dan Burner
01:16 12 Jan 23
Great course! Cold beers
Gregory Murray
18:25 11 Jan 23
GM/Bartender Justin took care of me and the family. Great menu, very tight. Served us his specialty cocktail Momma Gs Cream, an upscale White Russian. Highly recommend
Jim Kelly
14:56 10 Jan 23
when you combine views that’ll take your breath away with a simplified and elevated menu, you get an unforgettable experience. Had a baby shower for my wife at GotH. She was so surprised and flustered (in a good way) that she went into labor in the middle of the dance floor. Luckily we got her to the hospital before our little miracle arrived. We named her Hill.
Ryan Gilligan
16:05 09 Jan 23
Great menu, employees were nice and management was GREAT! Will return
Andrew Gould
02:24 08 Jan 23
drew bachli
01:58 08 Jan 23
Great place. The GM was awesome, he went by J-ROC and smelled like mtn dew and chick fil a bit was very helpful! Will return! Also, if you order chicken you can switch it out for kids ice cream for absolutely no reason but kinda a fun twist.
Kolton Felix
01:47 08 Jan 23
I just moved to MA in October. I was out on the course with my son Gabe when a young man named Justin introduced himself to me. He invited me to a meal in the clubhouse and I graciously accepted. The food in this place is unmatched. Grilled to perfection I ordered brown meat with noodles and cream. They use Momma Geary’s local cream right here in MA. It’s rich, thick, and feels great going down your throat. The staff is charming and kind, unlike at Friendly’s Cafe, that roach infested place… Cannot recommend GOTH enough!!! I’m thankful for Justin’s guidance and leadership that he displays on a daily basis
Marc Taylor
22:52 07 Jan 23
Justin and the young lady's do a great job!!! Love the menu!!!
Briggs Parts
18:56 07 Jan 23
Impressed this place is ran so well by a Ginger Jabba the Hutt
Andrew Henry
17:32 07 Jan 23
GM Justin runs a great restaurant. My Steak Tip and fry were delicious
David Sperino
15:40 07 Jan 23
J Rock runs a tight and simple ship. Ask for the “29K” off their secret menu. Rumor has it, that dish is brought in from out of state!
Wolfman Jack
13:42 07 Jan 23
All aboard!! Best place to stop by when out looking for the ladies! The delicious food makes their butt spread faster than rumors on John Henry’s Yacht.. Awooooooooooo
Tom Redden
12:44 07 Jan 23
Great atmosphere with kind staff and beautiful scenery. I stopped for a quick meal with my son after a round of golf this past summer and was happy to see the amount of golfers also enjoying the clubhouse. The food was quick and delicious and the staff was warm and inviting. My son was delighted to hear the janitor recite Star Wars quotes while cleaning the bathroom. We will definitely be back!
Abram Nunes
10:50 07 Jan 23
Amazing experience at Grill on the Hill. The GM Justin was extremely accommodating for our party, and highly knowledgeable. It was clear to me that Justin is committed to keeping the space clean.Last week I ate here and Taffer's Taven in Watertown. To say that Grill on the Hill BLEW TAFFER'S OUT OF THE WATER would be an understatement. Taffer's was overpriced and understaffed. You would have to be blind to look at the menu there and be impressed.In closing, I highly recommend Grill on the Hill.
00:00 07 Jan 23
All Aboard for good food and drink
22:16 06 Jan 23
Nicholas Pompa
20:02 06 Jan 23
The rather plumb ginger is a nice man. No aggression.
Spencer Harsch
17:30 06 Jan 23
I'm all aboard the Grill on the Hill train - Justin and team are terrific. Took great care of me and the rest of the bachelor party I was there with. Place could not have been cleaner and truly appreciated the straightforward menu. Wish they had lobster mac and cheese, but Justin was going to run it by Anthony to see if they could add it in the future.
Katie Clary
04:22 19 Nov 22
Andrzej J.
16:01 14 Oct 22
Stephen Gicas
15:01 25 Sep 22
Great food and service. Nice atmosphere overlooking golf course.
Cheryl Judkins
19:09 10 Sep 22
Bill Herra
17:26 27 Aug 22
Philip Barbon
00:28 05 Aug 22
Food was good but next time we will eat outside. Very noisy inside.
Deborah Woodward
00:56 31 Jul 22
It was very nice food good good drinks serves very good but need to update the web site limited menu No Dessert!!!
Barbara LaPlant
01:53 09 Jul 22
Reza T. Mousavian
15:46 18 Jun 22
The food is not good. Drink was good. Price is good. Staff people are nice. View on lake is amazing. I dont give 5 stars for their food. Their chips are 👎👎👎
Elizabeth Strom
14:27 06 Jun 22
We held a small wedding reception in the function room yesterday. Everything was perfect,the room was set up beautifully, and the food was delicious. Our waitress was very attentive to all of our needs. We would definitely hold another event here in the future.
Francisco Alvarado
16:13 20 May 22
lee asselta
23:27 05 Feb 22
Went for a baby shower. Very nice venue. The food was great.
Anonymous Rodriguez
00:23 24 Oct 21
Kelly Thayer
17:39 13 Oct 21
Great venue to have a wedding reception. The views are quite nice. They have indoor and outdoor seating. There was ample room for the function including dining tables for about 60 guests and dancing. The staff were friendly. I wish the Dorrance were better marked. You have to go around back. Only the bar is at the front. There is ample parking. It is overlooking a pond and z golf course. Nice view in fall when leaves change.
Christina Phelan
17:32 09 Oct 21
David David
15:07 04 Oct 21
Very pleasant lunch on the patio yesterday. Super waitress! Fast service. Burgers pretty good, good cheesecake. Overcooked steak tips, over-salted house-made chips. Overall good time.
Brenda Dautrich
21:28 26 Sep 21
David Hiitt
22:57 17 Sep 21
John Cutone
19:37 13 Sep 21
Cheryl Thompson
22:34 28 Aug 21
Katie MacDowell
20:32 25 Aug 21
Lk Davis
16:34 06 Aug 21
Wonderful scenery. Food was good quality.
Stephen crasco
01:54 31 Jul 21
Marina T
23:30 23 Jul 21
Keith Lebel
10:31 25 Jun 21
Brad Smith
13:52 24 Jun 21
Great view sitting outside. Service was great and the beer was cold. Will definitely be back.
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